Tony Copp

 The core leadership of KNOCEAN is CEO and Chairman Emmanuel “Tony” Copp,  Ph.D. with over 30 years’ experience in corporate financing in energy  related/natural resource activity and in venture investing in cyber  security software, blu-ray storage technologies, and medical  technologies. Copp founded KNOCEAN Sciences in 2009 and attracted a  world class of experts in macro algae science, operational harvesting  and processing, and in marketing in Functional Foods and Cosmeceuticals.  The company has been in stealth mode through 2012 as it conducted  extensive testing of its new Kelp Concentrate and Fucoidan compounds and  it also filed for and received, IP from the USPTO. 


Charles Jarvie

 Copp is joined by Mr. Charles “Chuck” Jarvie as Director of  Marketing and Business Development heading the launch of all products.  He is the former CEO at Dr. Pepper, Schenley Industries, and multiple  other corporations and is the former EVP of Marketing for Proctor &  Gamble, a $93 Billion entity. 


Douglas Ritter