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Imagine the global market experiencing natural and renewable marine-algae age controlling compounds in premium cosmetic products that will surpass their skin health and beauty objectives with the collateral benefit of achieving their anti-aging goals at a low, affordable cost.

Premium High AntiOxidant Kelp Products

Providing superior protective performance.

Natural Ocean Kelp

Harvesting and processing brown macro algae or Kelp from the from the top of the Pacific Ocean to make high margin, premium cosmetceuticals is at the center of our early stage company, KNOCEAN Sciences, Inc.

Highest ORAC Score

The gold standard of rating Anti-Oxidant power is the ORAC Score. KSI's Patented Beauty Serums have an ORAC score of 1745. That's 3½ times higher than the next leading value, which is blackberries at 490.

New Compounds

KNOCEAN’s macro algae belongs to that family of seaweeds consumed for centuries by Asians as food and as alternative folk medicines. KSI is the first to discover new macro algae/kelp compounds from this seaweed with the further discovery of the massive AntiOxidant capacity in these compounds, by using its proprietary water based processes.

How close are we to being ready?

The process is ready now!
Our Patents are Filed and In place
Testing for GRAS and Trusts is Complete
Packaging and Marketing Components are Designed and Ready

natural & renewable marine-algae compounds


The core leadership of KNOCEAN is CEO and Chairman Emmanuel “Tony” Copp, Ph.D. with over 30 years’ experience in corporate financing in energy related/natural resource activity and in venture investing in cyber security software, blu-ray storage technologies, and medical technologies. Copp founded KNOCEAN Sciences in 2009 and attracted a world class of experts in macro algae science, operational harvesting and processing, and in marketing in Functional Foods and Cosmeceuticals. The company has been in stealth mode through 2012 as it conducted extensive testing of its new Kelp Concentrate and Fucoidan compounds and it also filed for and received, IP from the USPTO.

Doug Ritter Corporate Advisor in Marketing and Public Relations Strategies for KNOCEAN Sciences and is currently President of Dallas based USFI, Inc. focused on our consumer cosmetics and nutraceutical strategies. His marketing career has spanned as senior executive for Grey Interactive Worldwide, N.Y., Ascend Marketing, Perlos, Inc., GTE (Verizon), N.W. Ayer Advertising, and BBDO Advertising.

Copp is joined by Mr. Charles “Chuck” Jarvie serving as KSI Director of Marketing and Business Development heading the launch of all products. He is the former CEO at Dr. Pepper, Schenley Industries, and multiple other corporations and is the former EVP of Marketing for Proctor & Gamble, a $93 Billion entity.

Jim Skinner, an investor, is the Senior Corporate Advisory Board Member for Business Development. Jim Skinner has just recently retired as Vice Chairman of Neiman Marcus Group (NMG), a $5 billion luxury fashion retailer. Jim had also served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for Neiman Marcus Group. During his 15 years with NMG, Jim has had responsibilities for numerous areas including: finance, accounting, strategy, business development, distribution and logistics, real estate and construction, investor relations, legal, and information technology. Jim led the process for both the 2005 $4.8 billion public to private sale and the 2013 dual tract process that led to the private-to-private $6.3 billion sale of NMG. Jim has also led numerous acquisition teams, including most recently the 2014 NMG acquisition of Munich-based fashion ecommerce retailer, myTheresa. Jim will focus on the review of all acquisitions. He looked at our review of BECCA and CoverFX and MyChelle. Prior to joining NMG, Jim was the CFO for two publicly held companies: CompUSA ($6 billion pioneer in computer retailing) and CapRock Communication (an integrated telecommunications company). Jim started his career with Ernst & Young, where he served for 16 years, including the last four years as a partner. Jim is on the Board of Directors of Fossil Group (NASDAQ) and Ares Commercial Real Estate (NYSE). For Fossil Group, Jim serves as the Chairman of the Compensation Committee and a member of the Finance Committee. Jim serves on the Audit Committee and Compensation Committee for Ares Commercial Real Estate.

Tony Copp

Doug Ritter
Chief Marketing Officer

Charles Jarvie
Senior Marketing Advisor

Jim Skinner
Corporate Board Member And Business Development


KSI's Patented Compound has the highest rated ORAC score.

ORAC 1745

3½ times the next leading product.


The marine science team at KNOCEAN discovered what it named “Kelp Oil” from harvested wet kelp, specifically from the harvested marine brown macro algae seaweed (Macrocystis pyrifera or Kelp). On testing KSI discovered this kelp had Large Scale AntiOxidant content in the remaining solids after taking out the moisture from Kelp Oil.
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Blending our High AntiOxidant KNOCEAN products with the top Omega-3 krill oil will bring to the world a kind of low cost product that is not presently available globally.